Sadie Garrett

June 30, 2015

Sadie Louise was born on October 11, 2014 at 11:11pm. Her dad, Patrick, was only days away from coming home from his second tour in Afghanistan when she made her arrival. Fortunately, he witnessed her birth via FaceTime and was home before Sadie and her mom, Kaitlyn, left the hospital. In March of 2014, Patrick left for his third deployment and Sadie and Kaitlyn moved to Texas to stay with family.

At her 6-month checkup, everything looked good for Sadie, except her head shape. Kaitlyn had noticed it appeared flat early on but thought it was getting better. The doctor told Kaitlyn to call if she became concerned. A month later, Kaitlyn called the doctor, reporting that any progress in the change of Sadie’s head shape had stalled and she was growing worried. A cranial evaluation was ordered and a cranial ultrasound was performed on little Sadie. The results from the evaluation determined Sadie had moderate Plagiocephaly and severe Brachycephaly.

Together, these conditions are often known as “Flat Head Syndrome,” wherein the baby’s skull has been flattened on one side. Research shows that babies diagnosed with this syndrome can become high-risk for developmental complications as well as develop jaw, ear, and optical difficulties should the bones fuse in the flattened position.

The suggested treatment for Sadie is a cranial Doc Band, which aids in reshaping Sadie’s head into a symmetrical and round shape. Cranial Technologies, Inc. designed a Doc Band specifically for Sadie, however the family’s military health insurance provider, TriCare, would not offer any assistance in the purchase of the Doc Band. TriCare viewed the treatment as not preventative health, but cosmetic only, despite the possible repercussions for Sadie in the future.

The Military Health Project worked closely with Cranial Technologies, Inc. and the Doc Band was offered to Sadie’s family at a military discount, bringing the price of the Doc Band from $3,500 to $2,500. Through the support of The Military Health Project, the Garret family was able to receive enough money to cover Sadie’s treatment.

On June 29, Sadie was fitted for her Doc Band. She received it on July 9, and she is now wearing it and on the proper treatment course. Her mom has adorned Sadie’s helmet with flowers and sparkling letters, showing the joy and gratitude to the Military Health Project and all of the donors. The Garret family cannot thank the generosity of the organization and donors enough. It is also with great pleasure and pride that fundraising for Sadie has served as the catalyst for Military Health Project’s new financial aid program, Military Support Fund: A dedicated financial resource for the veterans and military community.