Founder & President Emphasizes Bipartisan Collaboration & Health Care Disparities

March 2, 2017

Washington, DC - The Military Health Project and Foundation (MHPF) Founder and President Jacob Angel attended the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC). His remarks focused on collaboration as the Trump Administration and Congress begin to outline their policy initiatives. It is in the interest of the veterans and military community that Angel, chose to focus on bipartisanship at what is considered the largest conservative convening in the the country. 

"Protection of vital resources for the most vulnerable communities is our first responsibility as Americans...the disabled, the elderly, our children and our veterans deserve these life care is the right of every American not a privilege" Angel said during one of the final days of the conference. 

While on Capitol Hill later that week, Angel continued to push the issue of health care disparity among the veterans and military community in addition to the greater gap existing among the public. MHPF is a bipartisan organization and has developed a policy agenda focussed on two primary areas of health care. The first is mental health services and programs, working on bills such as the Excellence in Mental Health Act and the Jacob Sexton Military Suicide Prevention Act.


"Our goal is to bring about a time where true parity between mental and physical health care is finally achieved. This nation's defenders have a need for the VA or TRICARE to meet the needs of mind and body. Many of our elected officials understand the how important this is, but there is a lot of debate over how to do it. So, armed with statistics, facts and the occasional story I do my best to make the case for swift action, regarding a potential plan to address the significant lack of coverage and access." - Angel explained.

Additionally the organization has taken up an initiative geared to toward coverage of medical devices and equipment with in TRICARE. Coverage is denied by the military's insurance for a variety of reasons, despite the fact that most of these items are FDA approved and are covered by civilian insurance companies. In the opinion of the organization, this is something that is unacceptable. 

"Coverage of medical equipment is tricky and expensive. However, when a medical professional prescribes a course of treatment it is the responsibility of the insurance company to absorb the cost, or at least it should work like that. Sadly, that world does not exist, it is for that reason we established a financial aid program to deal with severe coverage gaps. If any member of the military family needs a specific piece of equipment, fact is that the cost should never be out of pocket for that service member. This rule should also apply for veterans too" Angel concluded. 

The Military Support Fund, a program of MHPF provides funding to military families and veterans who are unable to the pay for medical equipment or services out of pocket. To date, the program has provided funds for 32 military families and 19 veterans, providing funding for a range of services. From addressing the cost of cranial helmets for infants diagnosed with plagiocephaly to service dogs for veterans with post traumatic stress disorder or traumatic brain injury. 

About us: The Military Health Project & Foundation is a dual function organization based out of San Francisco, California, focused on providing financial aid to veterans and military families in need of specialized health care services or equipment. In addition to providing cap funding for medical needs, the organization also advocates on behalf of federal policies designed to enhance the services and benefits provided to the military and veterans community.