Liam Cook

August 3, 2017

Army SPC, Ian Cook and his wife Susana were married in June, 2012, just after Ian finished training and was sent to his new duty station in Alaska. They already had one son Landen, who did not see much of his father during the early months of his childhood. Later, they decided to have another baby, their second son Evan was born in 2014. At the time Ian was Active duty, in an airborne infantry unit and his wife was a Family Child Care provider on base.

Liam their third son was a bit of a surprise, at 20 weeks of pregnancy Ian’s wife started to have health problems. She had to go to the hospital 2 – 3 days each week to check on Liam’s growth. Finally, at 35 weeks she had an emergency C section due to preeclampsia and was at risk for organ failure and stroke. Luckily Liam and Susana came made it through just fine. At three months old, Liam’s head was shaped differently but their doctor said there was no need for concern. After trying a series doctors’ recommendations, at about 9 months Liam’s father Ian, insisted that there was something more severe happening. They got a referral but sadly it was time for the family to move back to California, thus voiding the referral. Ian reenlisted in the Army National Guard and started the process of joining the Los Angeles Police Department.

Liam was preliminarily diagnosed with severe brachycephaly and plagiocephaly. The Cook family was referred to Cranial Technologies for further testing and shortly after Liam’s diagnosis was confirmed. He will need a cranial helmet to correct the flat spot on his head but there is a cost of $3,500.00. Ian has not yet landed a full-time job, and is currently in the process of joining the LAPD. Susana just started working part-time and unfortunately Liam’s treatment is not covered by the family’s insurance.

When they moved, Ian couldn't enroll in school right away and had to use a large portion of his benefits because they moved mid-semester. Things are tight for the Cooks and it was a rough start but they are building their way up. Liam is now almost 16 months old and is attending physical therapy, because he is still unable to walk on his own. They are a family of 5, Ian, his wife Susana and their three sons Landen 4, Evan 2 and Liam 1. Due to Liam’s diagnosis, it is likely he will develop further difficulties if he does not get the treatment he requires. Please consider making a donation today to help the Cook family and baby Liam. 

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