Jacob Angel, Founder & President

Jacob Angel is a native San Franciscan, seasoned political operative and self-proclaimed “policy geek”. He is the Founder and President of the Board for the Military Health Project & Foundation. He founded the organization in 2013 after news reports highlighted the excessive backlog at VA hospitals across the country.

The Military Health Project & Foundation seeks to communicate the needs of service members and their families with policy makers and provide financial assistance for unique care & treatment that would otherwise not be covered by TriCare or the Veterans Administration. Jacob, board members, and subject matter experts have taken part in planning meetings with members of Congress for the National Defense Authorization Act since 2013. The organization also worked tirelessly to gain support for the Excellence in Mental Health Act and saw the bill signed into law in March of 2014.

Jacob’s interest in politics and making a change in his community began in early childhood. He credits his grandmother, an immigrant, for instilling the idea of service in his mind. As a child she took him to the polls every election day and ensured he understood the importance of voting. Jacob’s enthusiastic work ethic was learned through the examples of both his father and grandfather. Mental health and wellness has been at the forefront of his mind for most of his life as he has seen his mother struggle with her own mental health related challenges.

At the age of 18, Jacob ran for local public office and while he did not win, he did learn several valuable lessons. He has since applied his talents and drive to policy and political work. Having worked for a multitude of campaigns at various capacities for the past 7 years. Some of the more notable campaigns he has been involved with, include Elizabeth Warren for US Senate (2012) and Gary Peters for US Senate (2014).  He believes that government exists to protect and work for the benefit of all Americans.

In his free time, Jacob enjoys reading biographical books typically about the great political leaders of the last century and knitting. He’s also a dog lover. His favorite quote comes from Margaret Thatcher, “I love argument, I love debate. I don’t expect anyone just to sit there and agree with me, that’s not their job.”