Our Process

The Military Health Project, endorses candidates that will stand up for veterans and military families when it comes to mental health care, education, benefits and services. We do this through our Endorsements Committee, which is an eight member body consisting of 6 volunteers and the Executive Director. 

Federal Level Candidates

The Military Health Project, has adopted a different technique when it comes to endorsing Federal level candidates. Each candidate post primary will be reviewed based on a series of issues with the following criteria acting as the governing principles for an endorsement.

  • Voting Record (incumbent or not has the candidate voted against any pro-veteran legislation or supported any legislation that if passed would harm veterans and their families) 
  • Bills Authored & Co-Sponsored (incumbent or not has the candidate authored or co-sponsored any legislation that if passed would help veterans and their families, have they authored or co-sponsored anything that would harm them, have they authored or co-sponsored legislation to help, improve and expand mental health programs, services and benefits)
  • Friendliness to Military Mental Health Project Advocates (incumbents only, has the candidate's office been willing to work with MMHP to further the organizations mission and pass legislation to help, improve and expand mental health programs, services and benefits)

In the event of the lack of a legislative track record, insufficient voting history, prior history in public office or a contentious/high risk election, federal candidates will be assessed based on the system used for state level candidates.

State Level Candidates

The Military Health Project, has adopted a different technique when it comes to endorsing state level candidates. We have decided to do candidate interviews either over the phone or in person. Whereas each candidate will be sent a list of topics that are determined by our Endorsements Committee and then will be interviewed by a member of the committee.  While most organizations send out questionnaire to those running for elected office, we believe that this more personal interaction with candidates will give us a clearer indication as to where they stand on issues important to the organization, veterans and thier families.

After all or most of the candidates in each race have been interviewed, the Endorsements Committee will vote on which candidate to endorse in that election. The rules for voting are simple, each member of the committee will vote for one candidate until one candidate has a simple majority of the votes, this process may require multiple ballots based on the number of candidates in that particular race. 


- Can the Military Health Project endorse candidates?

Yes, The Military Health Project as an organization is able to endorse political candidates and ballot initiatives. Because much of our work is advocacy driven, we maintain this ability since we are not a 501-c3 charity but rather an entity with a pending 501c4 designation. 

- Does the Military Mental Health Project endorse based on Democratic or Republican party lines? 

No, as a non-partisan organization the Military Mental Health Project does not endorses candidates or ballot initiatives based on any political party's endorsement or support.

- Does the Military Mental Health Project endorse only Veteran candidates?

No, the Military Mental Health Project will endorse any candidate, veteran or not so long as they meet the other criteria laid out in the endorsement process above.

- Does the Military Mental Health Project endorse State level candidates?

Yes, the Military Mental Health Project endorses candidates for office on the Federal and State Level, including candidates for the State Legislature. However we typically don't get involved with campaigns for office's any lower then State Assembly or State Representative. We do however reserve the right to endorse in municipal elections in the event that the Endorsements Committee deems it necessary. 

- Does the Military Mental Health Project endorse in Primary elections? Have Questions????? 

Yes, we may choose to endorse in a primary election, however this is not something we do often.

Email us at contact@milhealthproject.org