The Military Support Fund

The Military Support Fund is a program specifically designed to serve as a continuous financial resource for the military and veterans community. As an organization we are always working toward the day where the military's insurance programs and the Veterans Administration can more than adequately service the needs of the people they were designed to serve. We recognize that there are severe gaps in coverage for individuals with unique health care requirements within both of these vast and complex health care delivery systems. So until the day comes, where every service-member, veteran and military family member need not worry about the cost of care, the Military Support Fund will be here.  


During the prolonged government shutdown, we are making this program available to all Coast Guard Families in need of financial assistance. This is not limited to health care related expenses, you can apply below for any reason and our team will follow up with you directly. We will do our best to meet your needs as long as we have the available resources to do so.

Those we have served...