Military Health Project & Foundation Announces 2017 Washington, D.C. Grassroots Advocacy Days

San Francisco, Calif., 11/21/2017 – The Military Health Project and Foundation, a non-profit organization focusing on supporting healthcare needs of our veterans and active-duty service members, will be conducting three Grassroots Advocacy Days on December 5th, 6th and 7th in Washington. D.C. Our team, alongside veterans, supporters, and passionate military advocates, will meet with members of Congress, Senators, and Veterans’ Affairs staff over the course of three days to ensure that all pressing military healthcare needs are met.

“It is with great pride that we work to bring everyday activists to brighten the halls of the United States Capitol, their raw passion and enthusiasm brings real stories and a unique expertise to the task of ensure our elected representatives do the right thing, when it comes to the preservation and potential expansion of health care services ” said Jacob Angel, the Founder and Executive Director of the Military Health Project & Foundation. “every year we work to create an emerging group of policy leaders, by providing them with the opportunity to talk to their own legislators, first we give them a bit of training and we accompany them to each meeting but after that it is their stories that drives the conversation. Over the years, I have noticed a definite stigma associated with this kind of direct advocacy, so many individuals are uncomfortable talking to members of Congress. I want to change that and that is why we offer this opportunity”

Our legislative agenda will focus on mental healthcare, expansion of benefits, preventing the privatization of the Department of Veterans’ Affairs, and encouraging Congress to act on its previous commitments to support the health needs of our military and its veterans.

Any and all supporters of this agenda are welcome to join us – regardless of whether or not you have previous experience lobbying. All that is required is a passion for the issues and a willingness to learn. Our team will be led by Mr. Angel, our CEO, who is an experienced military and healthcare advocate and who will be providing information and best practices on how to effectively lobby.

For more information about our 2017 Advocacy Days, please contact Finance Director Ryan K. Brown at 650-667- 0262 or at